Spa Manicure

Spa Manicure  60min $50
Nail and cuticle care, soothing hand & arm massage followed by paraffin moisture therapy. Followed by polish.

Lavender Soy Manicure  45 min $40
Nourishing Healing Renewal. Helps to remove dry/dead skin cells, re-balance skins tone and texture and tone and hydrate. Finishing with a luxurious massage application to hydrate the skin. Removes impurities from the skin, eliminates dry/dead skin cells on the surface, promotes skin re-hydration and healing, as well as reducing wrinkles. Finish with high shine buff.

Organic Acai Manicure $50
Ultimate pampering, target the signs of age with the organic acai berry. Omega fatty acids and olive oil restore moisture levels and help to rebalance skin tone and texture. Includes polish, no paraffin.

Paraffin Therapy $15
Hydrating therapeutic mask and paraffin treatment