Guest Book

"Love our beautiful Essensia Spa! We are so blessed to have it and Sherrie right here in our little Village. Her kindness and beautiful spirit adds to the experience when you visit the spa!" Bobbi Hudec, Salmo BC

"After 5 hard days of snowmobiling, what an excellent way to relax with a hot stone massage. Having only had aromatherapy massage before I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect. Sherrie explained fully what was going to happen. It is hard to explain the relaxed feeling that the stones achieve. The results are very surprising to see and feel. Sherrie was very good and knew her job I didn't feel rushed at all. The spa is an ideal way to escape the rigors/strains of everyday life. When I'm back in Ymir, I'll be booking another massage with Sherrie."
Ben Atkinson, Brugge, Belgium

"I can't go back to having a regular massage. The stones make your body feel so relaxed and supple. I wish I had access to Sherrie's hot stone massage in Oregon. I visit the Spa several times a year, and recommend her to all my friends who vacation with me."
Amy Epp, Bend, Oregon

"In all the busy-ness of getting ready for our big day, my spa treatment with Sherrie was like an island of relaxation in a sea of activity. Everything from the soothing colors, relaxing music and personal attention was such a treat! Thank you for the wonderful, relaxing pampering!"
Marie, Salmo BC

"Hot Stone Massage Rocks! Essensia Spa is surprisingly luxurious and pampering. Sherrie has created a delicious environment in which to unwind. And I was a tough nut to crack... Feeling the heat from the stones radiate into my tired, tense muscles gave me a deep sense of comfort and ease on a wintry afternoon. There is a joy in slowing down that sometimes can only be achieved with the nurturing of another."
Sally Smith, Nelson BC

"Great Spa! Beautiful Setting and Lovely Ladies!! My Pedicure was wonderful." Amanda Bozzer, Fruitvale BC

"Such a lovely experience at the spa! Sherrie is absolutely fabulous, highly recommended. Ahhh, so relaxing" Anameka Carmody, Ymir

"The heat and calming energy that came from these stones was quite incredible. The smooth warm texture of the stones as they erased all tension from my muscles created an unexpected connection between the stones and me. After the massage was complete, I just had to pick up the stones and hold them again. I did not want to put them down! I would recommend this experience to anyone!"
Michelle Cushway, Ymir BC

"While on my half century celebratory ski holiday, In the small mountain town of Ymir, BC I received an hot stone massage. Sherrie's intuitive knowledge of the body and the heated stones left me feeling deeply relaxed!"
Alan Colter, Anchorage AK