Body Treatments

Acai Berry Spa Treatments

Our Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Series, target damage and aging to the skin caused from exposure to harsh environmental factors. Products in this series have been designed to address skin that is dry/mature

Acai Anti-oxidant Body Polish and Wrap  90 min $140
Anti-aging renewal and wrap to repair environmental damage. Our luxurious Acai Whipped Body Polish stimulates circulation and forms a masque to hydrate. Following wrap the body is gently massaged with Acai Body Emulsion. The ultimate in anti-aging body treatment.

Signature Series Spa Treatments

A total body wellness approach to healthy natural skin care; wellness through our guest experience and provide an atmosphere where body, mind and spirit simply come together

Pacific Body Balancing Wrap (includes mini-facial)   90 min $150
Our body treatment uses BC coastal organic seaweeds to soften, hydrate and firm your skin. Enjoy gentle detoxification and improve your mineral balance. The signature wrap includes a full body exfoliation, seaweed and glacial clay masque, mini-facial, scalp massage and finishes with a seaweed body butter application.

BC Glacial Clay Wrap   90min $120
The power of the sea is harnessed for advanced cleansing and body firming results. Salts of the earth are combined with detoxifying mineral rich seaweed for a full-body exfoliation. British Columbia glacial clay purifies the skin.

Lavender Mango Butter Body Wrap   90 min $130
A luxurious body wrap that nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while promoting relaxation. Includes a lavender soy exfoliation, lavender mango butter wrap and finishes with our soothing lavender soy lotion.

Green Tea & Pacific Seaweed Salt Scrub   45 min $60
A west coast treatment to invigorate the skin while stimulating the lymphatic system. Our seaweed body butter application leaves you feeling polished from head to toe.

Glacial Renewal Body Wrap   60 min $110
Deep rehydration, soothing and improvement of skin tone, this treatment ideal for dry-sensitive skin, new stretch marks, sun damage, eczema. Soothing wrap with Hydra Skin Renewal gel followed by silky seaweed body butter.

Anti-Cellulite Energizing Treatment  60 min $75
Detoxification Circulation Visible Signs of Cellulite
Offered on back of legs, buttocks and lower back/love handles.
This targeted treatments focus on the refining and firming body contours to promote detoxification as you reenergize your cells. A stimulating and slimming massage helps to stimulate circulation and activate lipolysis, while the seaweed and glacial clay aids in detoxification and replenishment of nutrients. Finish this firming experience with our Seaweed Body Butter as it hydrates and tones the skin. A visible reduction of cellulite on the main areas of concern.

Green Tea Indian Spice Warming Massage Treatment & Wrap  45 - 60 min $120
Reducing Inflammation Muscle Pain Fluid Retention
This treatment can be conducted on full body. The Green Tea & Indian Spice Massage Body Serum created with stimulating and warming actives that help to target inflammation, muscle pain and fluid retention. The treatment is ideal for those suffering from circulation issues, sore/still muscles or joints, or that require overall improvement in wellbeing during cold/flu season.

Lavender Soy Series  address depletion of moisture in the skin, skin irritation while promoting deep nourishment of the skin, calming and soothing.  Promote inner calm and relieve stress from mind & body.

Lavender Soy Body Exfoliation
  45 min $65
A soothing luxurious full body exfoliation followed by a hydrating lotion application providing a gentle soothing option for body exfoliation. This unique formulation is effective in removal of dry/dead skin cells and will even out skin tone and texture, remove impurities from the skin, nourish and